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 These rules are a legal agreement between the portal user and the Seller.  The access to respectorganic.com to its viewing or its use, the portal user acknowledges that he has read, agrees with these rules and agrees to comply with these and other regulatory acts of the Republic of Latvia, which regulate the legal relations between the Seller, the portal user and the Client.  respectorganic.com use implies that each user fully agrees with the rules, including all changes to them.  The seller, without prior notice, may at any time revise these rules and any other information that is included in this portal.  Changes take effect when they are published on respectorganic.com.  The seller also, without warning, may at any time make improvements or changes to the products, services or programs that are available on respectorganic.com.  Changes to the rules that occurred after the customer made an order do not apply to the order placed.


 All prices at respectorganic.com are in EUR (Euro) including all necessary taxes.  For the purchase you need to pay the amount for the goods and delivery, which is indicated on the home page and which is calculated before making the payment.  If the payment has been made by bank transfer, the order is considered paid at the moment when the money has arrived in the bank account of SIA Respect Organic. The lead time is 2-3 business days, during the holiday season Christmas time, the lead time can be up to 2 weeks.  Each order is executed individually and on a specific date, then it is sent to or received at respectorganic.com in Stabu iela 58 respectorganic.com and processes the order and delivers the order to its destination within 2-3 days, but the delivery time may vary  depending on the destination.


 When making purchases in the online store, you can pay by bank transfer.

 Confirmation of orders (invoices) that are not paid are not considered SIA Respect Organic revenues.


 The amount of payment for delivery varies depending on the destination of delivery of the package.  Delivery in Latvia is provided by SIA Respect Organic.  On average in Latvia, the delivery of goods takes 3-5 business days.  Outside Latvia, delivery is carried out within 5-21 business days.  If the client in Latvia has not received the order within 15 days from the moment of ordering, then you need to inform the seller about this fact by sending information to info@respectorganic.com, indicating the order number and date of dispatch.  The order number is sent by email.  For large orders, contact us in person or by email.


 If the product does not meet the requirements of the Client, the Client has the right to return it within 14 days.  To return the goods received, the Customer informs the Seller about this by sending an email to info@respectorganic.com, indicating the order number.

 Goods can be returned if it is not damaged or used.  All costs associated with the return and replacement of goods are borne by the client.  The seller has the right, unilaterally, to withhold from the client the costs of the payment for the goods.

 According to the rules of the Cabinet of Ministers Nr.207, the buyer has the right to refuse the purchased goods and return it within 14 days from the date of purchase.  If you want to return the goods, contact us by phone.  +371 29 205 390 or write to e-mail info@respectorganic.com or come to the store in person and you will receive a refusal application form.  The buyer’s obligation is to return the goods to the seller within 7 days after submitting a written refusal  To avoid confusion, before completing an order, please make sure that the product meets your wishes, the desired color, shape, size, and material.  In case of doubt, please contact us by tel.  +371 29 205 390, or write to e-mail: info@respectorganic.com.

 12 clause 6 of the Law of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia provides that the consumer is responsible for the quality and safety of the goods during the period of exercise of the rights to refuse.  SIA Respect Organic reserves the right to refuse the buyer to use the right to refuse or withhold compensation for expenses if the goods were used, or damaged if it is not in the original packaging or the packaging is significantly damaged.

 If the goods are purchased with a defect, the buyer should immediately inform SIA Respect Organic about this by phone.  +371 29 205 390, or contact the Riharda Vāgnera iela 12–27, Rīga, LV-1050 store in person, otherwise it will be impossible to return the goods.

 Starting to use the purchased goods, the Buyer confirms that the goods correspond to the desired and the goods are not refundable.  Before using the product, please read its instructions, as the product can not be exchanged if it is damaged due to non-compliance with the rules for use.

 Money paid for the goods can be received in person at the store or by transfer within 30 days after receiving a written rejection of the goods.  If the purchase was made by transfer then the money will be transferred to your bank account after the return of the goods.

 The seller has the right not to return the money to the buyer until the buyer has returned the goods to the store or provided a document confirming the shipment of the goods.

 In case of refusal of goods, money for delivery of goods will not be returned.  All costs associated with returning or exchanging goods are borne by the buyer.

 The seller, unilaterally, has the right to withhold these costs from the client from the payment made for the goods.

 You can get acquainted with the law of consumer rights here.

 You can familiarize yourself with the CM rules on the distance contract here.


 By registering as a user, you agree that your data can be processed (used) in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Latvia, within the framework of the Seller’s activities, in order to provide the service that SIA Respect Organic offers.  SIA Respect Organic undertakes to ensure the confidentiality and protection of your personal data, undertakes not to disclose or transfer information about your data to a third party.  The seller is not responsible for the information that the Client indicates during registration, for its accuracy, reliability and reliability.


 The parties resolve all disputes and disagreements that arise when making an order for the goods through negotiations.  If the parties fail to agree on contentious issues, then a certified mediator is invited to resolve the dispute.  The foregoing does not preclude the parties from addressing a court of the Republic of Latvia in order to resolve a quarrel.


 The issues that are not mentioned in this agreement, the parties decide in accordance with applicable law.  All other issues that are not stipulated by the rules of this agreement, the parties are guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

 The rules for use come into force on January 1, 2020.