Amber fiber

Clothes with amber fiber healthy innovation technologies in fashionable knitwear

The manufacturer from Latvia produces a unique type of fashionable clothes using healthy innovation technologies. This is a wide range of luxurious knitwear from natural cashmere, containing microgranules of natural Latvian amber.
In the production process the thinnest amber fibers – an innovative biotextile product created by Latvian scientists – are added to cashmere yarn.

The composite amber fibers are produced from the unique natural amber mined in the Baltic Sea region. Amber here has been forming for over 50 million years from the resin of coniferous trees Pinus Succinifera.
For the production of yarns, amber undergoes a specially developed technological process that starts from multistage purification or raw material from impurities and results in obtaining of nano- and micro- particles of amber, having a spherical shape and a smooth surface.

As a result, the unique bioactive features of amber are preserved in the structure of the composite fiber and influence positively upon the human health when in contact with the skin.

Clothing which brings the harmony of the spirit and extends the youth of the body

Baltic amber, due to its unique features, has been for centuries considered to be one of the most valuable gems. For a long time people believed its influence was magical. From it were made amulets and talismans, bringing happiness and well-being, protecting from evil and diseases.

Modern technologies allowed to study and scientifically substantiate the mechanisms of healing effects of amber when in contact with the human body. And new innovative developments made amber therapy simple and available. Amber particles cure and protect you when you wear products with amber fiber.

Amber particles in clothing
  • Stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin fibers in cells, increasing skin smoothness and elasticity, as well as the elasticity of blood vessels
  • Improve capillary blood circulation, strengthen the microcirculation of the blood
  • Accumulate heat energy, providing the most comfortable heat balance of the body
  • Promote regeneration of cells, extend their vital cycle
  • Protect from ultraviolet radiation and electromagnetic fields
  • Promote the restoration of cellular liquid in fading tissues, reducing the amount of wrinkles
  • Positively influences on the energy of the body
Studies of amber material and certification of amber textile fibers
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Latvian manufacturer of cashmere products with amber fiber considers opportunities of business partnership

  • In the expansion of sales of innovative products in EU countries
  • In creating of demand for innovative products through communication networks and in application of e-commerce
  • In joint nomination for co-financing of an innovative project under EU programs and grants